Bruce Willis and Demi Moore confined together : their girl Scout balance !

This is the story that stirs the containment : Bruce Willis has deliberately chosen to spend those weeks in isolation with his ex, Demi Moore. Their daughter Scout (28 years old), explained in the podcast Dopey the reasons for such a choice. “It was very funny because, for me, these are just my parents super weird. But for all the rest of the world, they are a step above“, a-t-it blagué, in reference to the reactions that surprised fans.

In reality, it is super good. My mother-in-law should be there also with my little sisters. But the youngest, who will soon be 6 years old, was at the park when she played with the hypodermic needles she found on the ground. Wanting to prick his shoe with it, he pricked the foot, “says Scout. Emma Hemming, the wife of Bruce Willis, so has had to stay in Los Angeles,”pending the results of the doctor“. “My father came here, and then the travel had been banned, so my mother-in-law remained in Los Angeles with my little sisters“, she continued.

Their parents divorced in 2000, the girls find it a bit strange to see them together. “It was super funny to have both in the house where they have high [to Hailey, Idaho, ED], it was very cute. It is divine to be able to stay with them“, she added.

It must be said that Willis did not ran out of creativity during the confinement. After workshops hairstyle, sorting family photos and a photo shoot, Rumer (31 years old), Scout, Tallulah (26 years), Demi Moore and Bruce Willis engaged in a manual activity : painting, all together !